Grease Trap And Liquid Waste Services

Whether you’re a restaurant or another business that heavily uses a kitchen, keeping your grease trap in working condition is vital to the operation of your business. BP Wastewater Services of Vermont provides professional, dependable grease trap cleaning and liquid waste pumping and hauling services.

Trust our family-owned business to vacuum, pump and haul the liquid waste and sludge from a number of receptacles, including:


Septic Tanks


Sand Pits


Catch Basins


Car Wash Sumps


Grease Traps

BP Wastewater Fleet in Vermont
We can get you on a preventive grease trap maintenance schedule to save you time and money, or we can show up when you need us! Our grease trap cleaning service will thoroughly pump your grease trap, eliminating odor and safety hazards.

Rest assured, our technicians clean the entire trap and scrape away all hardened grease so you don’t require grease trap pumping as often and there’s no unpleasant odor. We dispose of grease trap waste at licensed processing facilities, maintain proper transport manifests and follow all federal, state and local regulations.

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At BP Wastewater Services of Vermont, we’re more than happy to give you our honest advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs. Contact us for an estimate on any of our services.