In many situations, issues with drains can wait a reasonable amount of time to be fixed. With some of the simpler problems, you might even be able to resolve the issue on your own. But what happens when a malfunctioning drain has the potential to damage the home or it is causing a significant disruption to your life?

When it comes to emergency drain service, there are a lot of issues that require the immediate attention of a professional emergency plumber

Clogged Sink Drains

Unclog Your Sink

When your kitchen or bathroom sink is backed up or draining slowly, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Without the use of your kitchen sink, you won’t be able to prepare food or wash dishes, and if your bathroom sink won’t drain, imagine how hard it will be to get ready for work in the morning.

Basement Flooding

When it comes to a leak in a drain line that runs in the basement, there is not much preventative maintenance that you can do. As long as the pipes were installed and fitted properly, you should not have problems with leaks for a long time, but they can occur.

The basement flooding is something that most homeowners will not be able to deal with on their own. You don’t want to wait around while your basement floods with unsanitary water and you also want to restore function to the fixtures that use the drains.

Clogged Toilet

If you are having problems with a backed up toilet, there are some steps that you can take to address the problem. Firstly, you do not want to continue flushing the toilet in the hopes that it will make the water drain. This could result in an overflow situation, and that will only make things worse. If you think there is the potential for the water to overflow the rim of the toilet, then it is a good idea to turn off the water supply as a preventative measure.

As we mentioned with bathroom and kitchen sinks, you could try clearing the drain with a chemical drain cleaner. However, this comes with the risk that it could potentially damage the drainpipe, and it could eventually lead to a leak.